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  • Georgia O’Keeffe: rewarding curiosity

    Georgia O’Keeffe: rewarding curiosity

    Georgia O’Keeffe never piled on the paint. She worked wet-into-dry, pretty much a single layer of paint requiring serious control to choreograph her textural effects. Within this narrow range that she chose to work, her variations are virtuosic.

  • Georgia O’Keeffe’s final paintings

    Georgia O’Keeffe’s final paintings

    In case you missed my zoom talk, it’s now available online! It’s my first reading from the work-in-progress: Digging for Stars: The Art of Georgia O’Keeffe. I won’t deny it — the debut was nerve-wracking. My thanks go out to Susan Post of BookWoman and Stephanie Lowe for making it happen. In her late-80s, nearly…

  • You’re invited!

    You’re invited!

    After years of researching and writing, I am giving my first public talk from my book manuscript, “Digging for Stars: The Art of Georgia O’Keeffe.” The talk is FREE, and it’s ONLINE hosted by the fabulous BookWoman bookstore, so you can attend, no matter where you are! Tune in this coming Tuesday, February 22, at…

  • O’Keeffe: rapturous  possibilities

    O’Keeffe: rapturous possibilities

    I had the experience, once, of viewing an O’Keeffe exhibit that made me question what I had ever admired in the artist. The paintings felt curiously lifeless, and as a whole the show didn’t seem to add up to much. O’Keeffe understood early on that the way paintings are hung determine how they are perceived.…

  • Holiday greetings from Georgia O’Keeffe

    Georgia O’Keeffe was not religious in the institutional sense, but she was deeply spiritual and certainly enjoyed a good ritual. She usually celebrated Christmas with friends, and sent Christmas cards, including one in 1963 that reproduced her 1917 masterpiece, “Starlight Night” (above). In the 1970s, according to her then caregiver and secretary Agapita Lopez (now…

  • Georgia O’Keeffe: Look for yourself

    That Kate Alfriend must have been one heck of a charmer. In 1938, Georgia O’Keeffe made no speech when she accepted her honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts at the College of William & Mary, but she did choose to give a few words to the girl reporter for the student newspaper. This may be the…

  • Ode to “Mountain at Bear Lake — Taos”

    Ode to “Mountain at Bear Lake — Taos”

    When last we met I told the story of how Hillary Clinton brought Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Mountain at Bear Lake — Taos” (1930) to the White House. Now I’d like to share videos by two young women paying homage to that painting. Lauren Blankenship and Natalia Gabrielsen were two of the winners of “This Art is…

  • Georgia O’Keeffe in the White House

    Georgia O’Keeffe in the White House

    Hard to believe, but 20 years ago the White House permanent art collection included no women. In 1997 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton convinced the Committee for the Preservation of the White House to accept “Mountain at Bear Lake — Taos” (1930) by Georgia O’Keeffe. Acquired under the title “Bear Lake, New Mexico,” the oil…

  • Barns for the museum

    Barns for the museum

    Something beautifully quiet & reassuring abt this painting- rhythms & forms convey satisfying sense abt human work. https://t.co/CwsOU9owZJ — Dale Kronkright (@GOKConservator) May 26, 2016