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  • Was Georgia O’Keeffe an angry woman?

    Was Georgia O’Keeffe an angry woman?

    As an art student in New York, Georgia O’Keeffe realized that any distraction, like dancing late into the night, would impinge upon her prime directive: to paint. For her, anger was just another distraction.

  • Photographing O’Keeffe being photographed

    Photographing O’Keeffe being photographed

    In her old age, Georgia O’Keeffe described photography sessions with Alfred Stieglitz as work. This rare photo of such a session in progress, one of several that sculptor Arnold H. Rönnebeck took in 1924 at Lake George, pulls back the curtain on the romance with which the world views Stieglitz’s portrait project of O’Keeffe. What…

  • Stieglitz Key Set has arrived

    Stieglitz Key Set has arrived

    Look what just arrived! Here are hurried and excited (and blurry) pictures of the Alfred Stieglitz | The Key Set, edited by Sarah Greenough. It is a complete record of his photographs, including all of the Georgia O’Keeffe portraits. In two hefty volumes. O’Keeffe selected the best print of every mounted photograph in Stieglitz’s possession…