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Georgia O

Georgia, Julia, and the Token Woman

There is no denying that O’Keeffe was an extraordinarily ambitious professional. But it does not necessarily follow that the dearth of other successful women artists was the result of her competitiveness.

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equal under sky cover

Georgia O’Keeffe: feminist forever

Right from the get-go, Georgia O’Keeffe resisted patriarchy. “I have always resented being told that there are things I cannot do because I am a woman,” she told a National Woman’s Party audience in 1926. “I remember how I used to argue with my brother about which were best, boys or girls. When I argued […]

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Georgia O’Keeffe on the Equal Rights Amendment, 1942

It is hard to realize that any group still has to work for equal rights before the law. . . . Surely today when women are taking their place everywhere we should not think in terms of reservations and prejudices of the past, but of a joint effort, the freedom of peoples and of human […]

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