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  • What would Miss O’Keeffe say?

    What would Miss O’Keeffe say?

    Am taking a little break from wall-to-wall O’Keeffe research, and I thought you could use a little break, too! (If the video embed does not show above, you can click through to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acJ00D4SALw.)

  • Homage to O’Keeffe

    Homage to O’Keeffe

    I have been meaning to share this video for a while… It’s by a young photographer, Petra Collins, created to celebrate the opening of the Tate Modern’s O’Keeffe retrospective last year. Interestingly, I think Collins nails O’Keeffe’s aesthetic in an interview with Vogue: “I was so drawn to her work, the shapes and lines, how…