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Digging for Stars: Georgia O’Keeffe in the Texas Panhandle

Georgia O’Keeffe always felt the misfit — in her family, at odds with her mother; at boarding school in Virginia, where she didn’t drawl like her classmates; and in Canyon, Texas, where as a 30-year-old teacher she ran afoul of anti-German extremism during World War I. O’Keeffe always remained fond of her years in Texas.…

About Hillary: What would Georgia O’Keeffe say?

After the emotional overdrive of Hillary’s nomination last week, I’ve been wondering what Georgia O’Keeffe (1887 – 1986) would think – and feel, and say. One hundred years after the pioneering modern artist got her first group exhibit in New York City, O’Keeffe would likely be saying, “It’s about time.” Popularly recognized today as the…

Georgia O’Keeffe: Line, Color, Composition

Georgia O’Keeffe was notoriously private about her artmaking. “I can never bear to have people around me when I’m working,” she told The New Yorker, “or to let anybody see what I’m doing or say anything about it until it’s finished.” She was never eager to say much about her aesthetic ideas, either. So the…



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I’ve been writing about American women artists since my book on Isadora Duncan was published in 1995. Isadora Duncan, Imogen Cunningham, Martha Graham. I’ve always been fascinated by women who came of age in the early 20th century, in the midst of emerging modernism and feminism. My encounter with Georgia O’Keeffe began casually, as part…

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