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Reading “My Faraway One”

Nearly two hundred pages into the correspondence* between Georgia O’Keeffe (in Canyon, Texas) and Alfred Stieglitz (in New York City), I’m feeling claustrophobic. On every page, another angst-filled stream-of-consciousness. Both O’Keeffe and Stieglitz feel like misfits — lonely, and needy. She is the aspiring artist needing affirmation. He is the aging man needing a shot […]

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O’Keeffe’s best years

Her best years, Georgia O’Keeffe often remarked, were the early years of discovery and anonymity. She hadn’t yet become “our best woman painter,” or Alfred Stieglitz’s wife, or the sage of Abiquiu. She was an earnest young woman pursuing Art and making her living as an art teacher in towns far away from New York […]

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