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Reading “My Faraway One”

Nearly two hundred pages into the correspondence* between Georgia O’Keeffe (in Canyon, Texas) and Alfred Stieglitz (in New York City), I’m feeling claustrophobic. On every page, another angst-filled stream-of-consciousness. Both O’Keeffe and Stieglitz feel like misfits — lonely, and needy. She is the aspiring artist needing affirmation. He is the aging man needing a shot […]

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Ghost Ranch |

Wild beauty

From the very beginning, Georgia O’Keeffe preferred rugged natural beauty to picturesque landscapes: Gaspe, Quebec; the Texas Panhandle Plains; and Northern New Mexico. Here’s an amazing birds-eye view of the colors and forms of two places she loved to paint: Ghost Ranch and the White Place.

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Photographing O’Keeffe being photographed

In her old age, Georgia O’Keeffe described photography sessions with Alfred Stieglitz as work. This rare photo of such a session in progress, one of several that sculptor Arnold H. Rönnebeck took in 1924 at Lake George, pulls back the curtain on the romance with which the world views Stieglitz’s portrait project of O’Keeffe. What […]

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Georgia O’Keeffe: changing the narrative

“Finally, a woman on paper!” That’s the legendary — and likely apocryphal — exclamation attributed to photographer and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz when he first laid eyes on drawings by Georgia O’Keeffe. As the standard story unfolds (he exhibits her, photographs her, promotes her, marries her), this “aha” moment of recognition becomes a claim of […]

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