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O’Keeffe: against interpretation

Georgia O’Keeffe may be the most egregiously over-interpreted artist of all time. The interpretations, and the narratives, have gotten so thick that it’s hard to see past them to the paintings. This 1935 review, one of my favorites, is a clear view to the paintings, “freed [ . . .] from literalism.” “So intensely felt […]

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Georgia O’Keeffe: 1945 woman of achievement

I’m making my way through the more than one thousand articles on Georgia O’Keeffe in The New York Times database. Lots of goodies! On February 10, 1946, the Times reported on the Women’s Press Club dinner in Washington, DC, attended by President and Mrs. Truman and 600 guests. Atom scientist Dr. Lise Meitner was presented […]

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